Welcome to the Intravert Documentation. On this site, you will find all available information about available integration paths, available plug-ins and code examples, as well as Demos.

If you are new around here, Intravert is a way to manage ad spaces and sponsorships on your site, in your web app, your newsletter or any other form of community. We do this by letting you sell ad spaces right on your own site.

Important: This is not the same as an ad network, and we see it more as the digital equivalent of billboards. When you first create your ad spot, there will only be a message that this ad space is up for sale, and only after someone has bought it – and you accepted the purchase – will there be an ad.

This gives you the ultimate power over your own site, which you lose once you integrate AdSense or any other ad product. There is no guarantee that your competitor, a product you despise or something irrelevant finds its way on your own site, and that's wrong.

So, let's learn how to integrate it all...

Integration (HTML)Wordpress

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